The Various Performance of Ball Mill


     The grinding operation of ball mill is a mechanical process, and this depends on two factors: the first one is the mechanical strength of these rock and ore, and the second one is the state of application of force of the grinding machines. Of these two factors, the mechanical strength of the rock and mineral exists objectively, and is unchangeable. Because of the high cost of handling rock and ore with a variety of physical and chemical processes, so generally we does not do pretreatment to ore. But, the application of force can change along with the working parameters of ball mills, such as rotating ratio, the size of steel ball, the shape of the plate, the density of the ore, and so on. So the ball mill’ application of force is a changeable factor, and the adjustment can change the transferring efficiency of energy during ore grinding process.   Different ore grinding processes have different natures and aims, and also have different requirements for the application of force. Therefore, it is very necessary for the choice of force state of wet type ball mill to know the nature and aim of all ore grinding processes clearly. The outstanding role of ball mill in ore separating line is determined by the nature of ore beneficiation.  
     In the mineral processing industry, as the key grinding equipment in the industry, the noise made by ball mills is relatively large. How could the ball mill make such noise? The noise of the ball mill is mechanical noise generated due to the impact between steel balls and the wall of cylinder, as well as the mutual impact among grinding materials. Noise can reach to 110d with a wide spectrum if we stand 1m away from it, so it is much harmful to the human. The ways of controlling the transference of noise vary according to the function of ball mills. The first is to provide protective helmets, earmuffs, earplugs, etc. to the operators, but this can only be used as a short-term protective measure for the operator to inspect the operation of equipments, and the more important thing is to control the noise of grinding equipments.

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