Woods’ competition

Tiger Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg appeared at WGC-CA Championship Tuesday, which is strange, as Mark has appeared at PGA Tour event all year and Woods has missed the game. It is another indication that the golf star Woods will come back soon.
Althouth Mark is the boss of IMG, he only responsible for one guest: Tiger Woods. Perhaps you don’t know that balsa is very popular these days.As usual, there is Tiger Woods’ competition, Mark will also present. But Tiger Woods did not attend this week’s WGC-CA Championship, he did not commit berore the deadline. As the former champion, his flag flying in the Dora. The presence of Mark makes us speculate he might consult with the PGA Tour about Tiger Woods’ coming back.
As previously reported, it is not too long for Tiger Woods’ back. His coach Hank Haney has arrived at Orlando, training with him. And Hank has also rented a house, ready for the US Masters gljtxliy.
It is sure we won’t see Tiger Woods at the course this week. It is hard to say whether the number of audiences will reduce. As last week Honda Classic audiences have broke the 100,000 record for the first time even without Tiger Woods.
It is obvious the audiences will increasing if Woods comes back to the game.”It’s going to be mixed,” said Cliff Mosson, a Woods fan from Cape May, N.J., who was here with his wife, Bonnie. “Some people are going to enjoy that he’s still the best golfer to ever play the game and others are going to be put off by what he did in his personal life. But we were fans of his as a golfer. We don’t know him as a person.We can by http://www.balsafactory.com/  to learn more balsa wood products.

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