Mining success relies on technical upgrading

The domestic sand and stone plant is mainly the small gravel plant with less than 50t / h and the production process is simple. The production output of the gravel plants with certain scale is 100t/h to of 200t / h. The two-stage crushing and sieve are mainly used to constitute a closed process job. At present, the problems existing in the mechanism sand industry in China are the followings. The quality of the mechanisms sand largely depends on the physical properties of the parent rock, processing, machinery equipment and other factors. The main raw materials for the production of the mechanisms sand include the limestone, dolomite, granite and basalt.

Most of the practitioners in domestic sand and stone industry has no technical training and their technical literacy is low. They do not how to use and maintain the advanced equipment and process. At the same time, they are lack of the understanding and knowledge of the mechanisms sand technology requirements and they have no concepts of gradation, fineness modulus, the powder content and clay content.

Just like what we have said in the past, the innovation of technology is just one significant element if you want to stand on the top of the mountain of the same field. And this sentence is also suitable to the modern society. There are no professional design concepts and the equipment selection is irrational. The production technology is backward and the production scale is small. In addition, the production of the mechanism sand has serious damage to the environment. The modern sand production process and equipment of the mechanism is established on the full grasp of the characteristics of the rock material properties and performance of the terminal products to select the appropriate production equipment with organic combination, clear division of labor and mutual matching. However, the production status of mechanisms sand in China is not going well.

On one hand, we are lack of professional sand production designer. Most of the researches focus on the characteristics of the mechanism sand and preparation and performance of the mechanisms sand concrete. Therefore, the research of the preparation technology, equipment, process of the mechanism sand is neglected. On the other hand, the production operators think that the sand, stone production technology is simple without professional design. Furthermore, some equipment manufacturers ballyhoo and promote some simple crushing and screening equipment to the market with new names, which is bond to cause of the disqualification of the mechanism sand. The use of the singe-stage jaw breaker and small hammer sand maker goes against the production of the mechanism sand.

We always hope that we can be the winner in the fiercer competition of the international market, but how to make it is one critical question influencing us all the time, that is the reason why today we hope to share you with something that can help you on the way to success.

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