The Application of Vibrating Screen in Concrete Construction

In recent years, many provinces and cities vigorously promote waste recycling and zero discharge of wastewater. Just by using of this technology, capital of 14 million yuan. The system completely eradicates the generation of waste land, in order to achieve the sewage “zero emissions” mud “zero processing” Wasteland “zero sinotrans” .If these construction wastes can be recycled, its significance is immeasurable.
Here I will talk about the application of vibrating screen in concrete recycling.

Linear vibratory screen more applies to concrete recycling system. Ultra drive and mission trail, both cases often appear, in order to avoid the occurrence of such a situation, the aggregate is necessary to use linear vibrating screen for secondary screening in the building, aggregate for the secondary screening is a concern: concrete forms a dense body of glue by aggregate, fine aggregate and water slurry, the joint force formats strength. Thickness and graded of aggregate is directly related to the density of concrete, so you should consider it carefully. The assessed indicators have sand rough mechanical modulus, material screening results, the clay content of the material, and loss ignition volume of organic matter.

Select a vibrating sieve model meshes the particles in the powder:
Vibrating screen belongs to a non-standard product, vibrating screen size; layers of screening machine and sieve size are customized according to customer requirements. It is a simple question to select the size and number of layers of the vibrating screen. If you have not used the vibration screening equipment for screening, the determination of the particle mesh often is a vexing issue to the customers.

The powder particle size is called the particle granularity. Since the particle shape is very complicated, there is usually several sieve size: sedimentation particle size, equivalent volume particle and equivalent surface area granularity. At home and abroad, the uniform particle size standard has not been confirmed, each enterprise has its own size indicator definitions and representation, the meaning of the “head” is also difficult to unify.

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