The future for roller crusher development is pretty bright

With the growth of economic, a variety of metal and nonmetal mines, cement plants, construction, sand and metallurgical industries expansion scale is large, its processing equipment – crushers has a very important position and role in its development, which becomes the industry pillars. Expected future efficient, zero-pollution fuel and machinery will have good development prospects. To some extent, reduce the power consumption or advances in system yield, low production problems of cement companies are solved to some extent, the simple and practical multifunctional mechanical, hydraulic, electrical protection systems are implemented.

The roll crusher mainly uses the high-speed rotation of special wear-resistant teeth roller to split crushing the materials (traditional tooth roll crusher the slow extrusion broken), which forms the high productivity mechanism.

Roll crusher development is also accelerating; the roll crusher is suitable for cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal and other industrial sectors for crushing medium hardness materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials broken, crushing operations. Roll crusher’s crushing capacity is large, the limit fluid couplings connect the motor and reducer to prevent power overload, with the sensor overload protection, it is safe and reliable. Tooth roller spacing hydraulic adjustment, the tooth roller bearings centralized lubrication. Toothed design is optimized, the grain is uniform. The roll crusher works is as follows: The roll crusher is mainly composed of roller, roller support bearing, compression and adjusting device and drive device components.

Particle size regulation of the out-feed roll crusher: a wedge or shim are equipped between the roller for adjusting the means, the top of the wedge device is provided with the adjusting bolt, when the adjusting bolt pull up the wedge, the wedge activity roller roof is away from the fixed wheel, two roller gap becomes larger, the expected size larger wedge down activities roller compression spring under two gap becomes smaller, the expected size smaller. The gaskets device is adjusted by changes in the quantity or thickness of the gasket material particle size increase gasket two roller gap larger the two roller gap is smaller when reducing gasket, the expected size smaller. Development of society continues to progress, the professional technologies we have are gradually develops, so the roller crusher technologies are continuously develops, it is also the continuous efforts we make for the social progress.

We can predict the good developing of the roller crusher according to the rapid development of the national economy with the help coming from the government who adheres to support the strategy of opening to the outside world.

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