To do this you will need to move the electrical cord to a different outlet

go to the back of the cable box and switch Cable IN and Cable OUT(sometimes called RF IN and OUT) Use the picture from the above solution for reference.
2. If you have not paid your bill, this is the message you get when the cable company locks your account.Indeed, wire duct is becoming more and more important.

call your cable provider and get your bill paid or find out why they didn’t apply your payment.
3. Paid your bill but the message never went away – you may have had the cable box bypassed so you could get basic cable while your account was blocked.
check to see if the cable from the wall is plugged into the TV or the cable box.
from the wall, it should be plugged into Cable IN
put the TV on the correct input channel (ie…HDMI, Video 1, AV 1)
4. The cable from the wall is not connected on one end or the other

If everything but the Coaxial from the wall is plugged in this happens mjilsjllh….just make sure it’s screwed all the way down finger tight. (some push on)

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No Lights on the Front of the Cable Box or says STANDBY
Cable box is not getting electricity or the power button needs to be hit.

Verify that BOTH Ends of the electrical cord are pushed in.There are all kinds of wiring duct products avaiable in EASCO.
Press the power button on the front of the box(no remote using)
If the above doesn’t work than you will need to verify if the problem is your home’s electrical outlet or if it’s the cable box.
To do this you will need to move the electrical cord to a different outlet.
Plug it directly into the wall – not into another slot on the power strip
If it was already plugged into the wall – we need to take the cable box to another room.
Unplug everything and take the cable box and the electrical cord to another room
If you get lights the problem is where you were plugging it in
If you don’t get lights than the problem is the box and you need it replaced.

Ant Races
Snow on screen
Snow on screen usually means:

The input channel on the TV has been changed to an Analog channel
Your cable has been hard disconnected
The coaxial cable on the back of your TV(when you don’t use a Cable Box) is not plugged in.
If it’s the input channel than grab your TV remote and use one of these buttons:We can by to learn more wire duct products informaiton.

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