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ASR GTX and Ghost GTX will both be available in   fmld130120  men’s and women’s sizing on August 1, 2011, for a sashested retail price of $120. Giving runners more choices to meet their needs, Brooks will continue to offer the Adrenaline ASR and Ghost series without GORE-TEX. Selecting Running Shoes Pronation And Shoe Options Selecting Running Shoes Pronation and Shoe Options Selecting running shoes that are right for you is imperative for your running program, whether yo.Ash sneaker wedge ou are professional or you are just running to lose weight you shoes should be able to support your running because shoes do the important job of absorbing the forces of hammering and twisting of your feet while running and also help keep you safe from any injury. This article aims at helping you in selecting running shoes that are fit for your feet, but before we move on to a list different kinds of running shoes, it is important to explain pronatio.Ash sneaker wedgen. When you foot hits the ground while running it is likely to land on the outside of the heel, it then moves on to roll and lie flat on the surface, this rolling motion absorbs the force of your impact and helps balance your running motion. If your feet roll too much while running it is called over pronation, it is a common phenomena with many runners. In contrast if your feet ro.Ash salel less you are an under pronator. Running shoes are available that balance over pronation and under pronation. Below are descriptions of different kinds of running shoes available in the market that will help you in selecting running shoes. Neutral Shoes: These shoes are designed for normal runners who do not under pronate or over pronate. However neutral shoes that have adequate cushioning m.Womens ash shoesay also be used by under pronators. The extra cushioning in the shoes helps absorb the extra force on the heel because of under pronation. Support Shoes: These shoes are designed to provide support for under pronators. There design aims at solving the under pronation problem and they also have adequate cushioning absorb the extra impact force. Motion Control Shoes: These shoes are designed for over pronato.ors. They help restrict the movement of feet to solve the over pronation problem. Trail Shoes: These shoes are tough and specifically designed for off-road running. Light Weight Shoes: These shoes are made extremely light for use in racing. They do not have any supportive features and also do not feature much cushioning, so they may not be appropriate for people with over pronation o under pronation problem. In addition to pronation the choice of shoes also depends on shape of your feet; whether you have flat or curved feet and how much curve you have. You may visit a specialized running shoe shop that has trained staff to assess your needs and help you in selecting running shoes for 

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