This is a great alternative to pencil

This is a great alternative to pencil skirts as it adds subtle curves to very straight shapes and yet is more forgiving on bottom heavy ladies too. Wear a tulip skirt for work or dress it up for the evening with heels it .a really versatile skirt shape, and a fashionable one too. Lantern skirt A lantern skirt goes one stage further than a tulip skirt in the curve-creating stakes. Usually quite short, suits with vest they use folds and pleats for a voluminous, structured shape. This style is very striking for a night out and suits straight shapes and curvy shapes alike. It great for broad. shouldered women as the volume will help bring balance to their silhouette. Maxi skirt Maxi skirts, also referred to as gypsy skirts, are a long skirt style nice suits that finishes at the ankle. Theye sometimes made of crinkle material or are in tiers. Their fabulously flowing outline makes them flattering for all shapes and theye perfect for hot days or holidays.122 with flat sandals. Because they have such an expanse of fabric, theye ideal for showcasing bold colour or a gorgeous print. Tie-dye maxi skirts are also popular for a boho vibe. An important point to remember is the length of your maxi skirt! Too long or too short will ruin your look. black dress shirt Pleated Skirt Pleats are totally on trend this season, and you may be wondering whether the style would suit you. If youe a strawberry body shape or a rectangle then a stylish pleated skirt could be just the thing to balance you out or add some curves. Remember that a wide pleat at the bottom of a skirt will give an a-line style (ideal if youe curvy but still want to wear the pleated trend) whereas tighter pleats will appear fuller. fmml130120

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