A Variety of Absorption Methods

Flotation agent is the indispensable reagents in the flotation process of flotation-cell.html”>flotation separator. Different agents have different purposes and the absorption form of the different flotation agents is also various. The absorption form mainly includes the molecules, ions, ion exchange, electrically semi-micelles and the characteristic adsorption.
1, molecular adsorption refers that the reagents are absorbed on the mineral surfaces in the form of molecules such as the adsorption of the neutral oil on the surface of the nonpolar minerals (graphite, molybdenite, etc.), the adsorption of dixanthogen on the sulfide ore surface and the absorption of some foaming agent (such as pinitol oil, fatty alcohols, etc.) on the the gas-liquid interface.
2, ion adsorption refers that the reagents are absorbed on the mineral surfaces in the form of ion such as the absorption of the xanthate on the galena surface and the absorption of the collector of carboxylic acids on the surface of fluorite and scheelite.
3, ion exchange adsorption refers that certain ions in the solution are absorbed on the mineral surface through the equivalent exchange with the ions of the same charge symbol. For example, when using the Cu2 + to activate the sphalerite, the Cu2 + is adsorbed on the sphalerite surface in the solution and the Zn2+ on the sphalerite surface is exchange into solution.
4, electrostatic adsorption relies on the adsorption of the static electricity.
5, the characteristic adsorption. Mineral surfaces have a special affinity of a certain component of the solution and thus the adsorption is generated. This adsorption will not be affected by the electrical charged on the mineral surface and the ions with electricity can also depend on the characteristics of adsorption act on the mineral surface with the same sign charge. This kind of adsorption can create the conditions for the absorption of some agents on certain mineral surface.
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