Distinguish the Chief Difference of Flotation Machine

The chief difference between the impeller flotation machine and stick wheeled flotation machine basically lies in the inflatable equipment: the inflatable equipment of the impeller flotation machine is comprised of the impeller and the hydraulic cover (known as stator). Besides, the guide blade on the hydraulic cover is similar to the director of the centrifuge. Compared with the no-guide blade flotation machine, it increases the inspiratory capacity without additional electricity consumption. Moreover, the amount of the air flowing into the machine is related with the negative pressure created by the inbetween of the impeller and the stator. The negative pressure reaches its summit when the clearance between the impeller and the stator maintains from 6 to 10 mm. in order to control the amount of the inhalation, one can control the screw rod 9 to change the size of circulation port 8 so as to regulate the circulating ore pulp volume.

Due to its features, when rotating, the linear speed of the oblique rod mill becomes higher the lower of it, and this causes a rather violent stirring. The boss is installed under the oblique rod wheel, whose function is to prevent the pulp from forming eddy at the bottom of the oblique rod mill, ensuring the mixture of the ore pulp and the air to spread away along its back presented as “W” that has enlarged the vacuum degree of the oblique rod wheel area. Because the pulp rushes around the chute like a W shape, therefore there’s little dead space and the capacity utilization is high. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cone crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

In general, the development of the new flotation machine follows the geometric similarity of the structural components, the similar principles of the fluid dynamics of liquid flow structure and the train of thought to ensure the investment and the production costs of the large-volume flotation machine ideas. The large-volume flotation machine drew much attention from the 1990s. So far, the volume of the flotation cell has expanded to 300m³ to 500m³. However, in many cases, when the production companies expand the size of the impeller components and flotation value, the structure is not been adjusted. They often use the engineering design approach to solve problems based on the experience. In fact, the flotation machine should be adjusted according to the industry test design results. Since the flotation process is complex and there are a lot of affecting parameters, the design of the flotation machine has been still in the experiencedesign stage.

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