How to Repair Two Parts of Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher machine is mainly used for the secondary crushing or fine crushing of the materials with medium hardness. Under normal circumstances, the operation of the hammer mill is smooth, but if metals mix into the materials, it will cause the accidental damage of the equipment. In the severe circumtances, it will damage the spindle or bearing. The quick-wear parts of the hammer crusher includes: hammerhead, hammer plate, sieve grating and liner.
1, hammerhead
The weight error is inevitable when casting the hammerhead. In the operation of the machine, the hammerhead will be turned over according to the current situation. When replacing the new hammerhead, the operator should weight them and then divide them into several groups so that the weight of each group should be equal; otherwise it is easy to cause vibration. When stopping the machine, the operator should examine the gap between the sieve grating and the hammerhead and the gap between the sieve gratings. If necessary, the operator should adjust and replace the screen bars.
2, hammer carrier
The hammer carrier of the hammer crusher is cast steel and has less contact with the material. but when the metal objects enter the crusher or liner falls off, it could easily lead to the damaged or bend of the hammer plate, causing the vibration. And then it is necessary to replace it. The side hammer plate of the hammer carrier and the side plate of the enclosure bear the impact of the materials, having more serious wear. When replacing the new side plate, it is a better choice to conduct the surfacing to form a wear layer along the circumferential surface of the side plate as well as the side that is close to the side plate to extend the service life of the side plate.
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