Some methods of Controlling ball mill operation

After a long practice, we found that there are many shortcomings about method of controlling the traditional wet ball mill, each method has a fixed scope and fixed applicable production mode, while the degree of optimization is also limited to a linkĀ  of wet ball mill production, from the macro view, it is not good for the overall effect of the wet ball mill production. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, not only due to the lag in traditional methods, the complex internal structure of wet ball mill also impacts the use of it, to some extent, such a complex internal structure also hinders the study of the updating method.

This lets us consider the science and technology, more scientific disciplines, and more intelligence, and also we think of earlier mathematical model.

As the progress of technology, the interaction between the multidisciplinary drives the development, the transfer and grafting of subject knowledge is more and more largening, which makes many conditions of the updated intelligent control methods are very mature, promoting the research and development of the process. To this complex production of wet ball mill, the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the control system is very important, and it can timely adjust the problems, then the requirements for the intelligence is also high. Therefore, based on the actual production and the fusion between modern technology and disciplines, we have proposed a control program based on data fusion technology to transform and set control plan, there are the following aspects:
1, based on the neural network technology of the IT-based system, enhancing the adaptability and ability of system through the integration of this information, which can solve lot of changes in the data modeling problems and make wet ball mill according to the specific situation adjust production.

2, based on the knowledge representation technology, creating a model of the knowledge base and knowledge through this knowledge, meanwhile formulating the control programs through the knowledge reasoning.

3, based on knowledge model, control theory and mathematical model, deriving the intelligent control system through the integration of them controls the wet ball mill grading process.

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