Something We Should Know About Basalt Fiber

It is known that this golden brown filament is called continuous basalt fiber which is made by the way of fusing the raw materials of igneous rock with high temperature and finally dredging fast. This material is high temperature resisting, antioxidant, radiation proof and thermal and sound insulation so that it has wide application fields from shell of the spacecraft to ammunition box, from ballistic protective clothing and fire-proofing clothing to brake pad and fishing rod and it will become one of the most important basic materials that determines the material defense safety and national economy.Speaking of basalt, what we know about it is that it is the building stone materials that are needed in highway, railway and airport runway. As a matter of fact, in the present day when the economy is developing very fast, everything has its amazing side. What you may not know is that the basalt can be reeled off and manufactured to be green and environmentally-friendly fiber products with high performance which realizes the legend of “turning the stone into gold by touching”.

The American Basalt Fiber Industrial Federation pointed out that the basalt fiber is made from the natural rocks and there is no harmful gas during the production process and there is no waste residue either, so that it is a green product without pollution and that will not cause cancer. Seen from Liu Jiaqi, the basalt fiber has bright future, “because it represents the development direction of high-performance fiber green and environmental protection in the future.”

The continuous basalt fiber is made from the natural volcano effusive rock. After processing it with the crushing machine, put it in the kiln and fuse it with high temperature of 1450℃~1500℃ and finally make it the final product with the alloy drain bushing. The continuous basalt fiber can be made out of various kinds of composite materials with excellent performance which is applied in the special research of HXJQ and is supported by many mining machinery manufacturing companies at home and aboard. As for this new industry, HXJQ will spare no efforts to support its development, and we will provide basalt crushers, among them, the Impact crusher and cone crusher are all suitable. What is more, the impact crusher is ideal for crushing hard rocks. Hongxing Machinery high-performance crushing machines will reach the requirements for crushing the basalt and making it into the basalt fiber and it can be used in many industries such as rocks crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemistry and construction and people should never ignore its wide application.

Hongxing Machinery is a high-tech enterprise, which is specializing in the research, development, and manufacture of industrial stone crushing & screening equipment, grinding mills, mining equipment and so on. So far, we have established a whole production chain, of which main products cover stone crushing & screening equipment: sand making plant, circumgyrate cement kiln.

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