The Importance of Flotation Machine in Separating process

Flotation machine is widely used to separate many kinds of ores. According to the differences of inflatable way and mixing way, the flotation separator can be divided into mechanical mix type flotation machine, inflatable mix type flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine, and so on. The mechanical mix type flotation machine is used most widely in China.

For decades, the majority of beneficiation workers have done a lot of researches towards the “poor, small, miscellaneous” characteristics of China’s iron ore resources, and they have solved many technical problems, which help China’s iron ore beneficiation technology progress and develop rapidly, and the overall level of ore beneficiation is greatly improved. Especially in recent years, they have developed and applied new efficient sorting equipment, new efficient flotation reagent, as well as a new separation process successfully. The breakthrough has been made in the beneficiation process indicators.

During the ore beneficiation, add water or necessary drugs to broken ores during or after the crushing process to mix them into slurry in the mixer, add the mixed slurry to the stirring chute and introduce air into the slurry to create a lot of air bubbles. The hydrophobic ores will adhere to the bubbles and flow up to the surface of the slurry together to form a cover of ore bubbles. However, the hydrophilic ores will stay in the slurry. Discharge the bubbles with specific ores will achieve the aim of ore beneficiation.

During the operation of flotation cell, with the rotation of impellers, slurry is absorbed among the impellers from the lower impeller through the bottom of cell. At the same time, the low-pressure air produced by air blower also enters the flotation cell.

Flotation cells through the hollow bearings and air separator of impellers. After the full mixture of slurry and air, they are pulled out through the upper impellers to the whole chute after the current stabilization and orientation setting of stators. Bubbles flow up to the stable bubble area and flow to the bubble chute after the concentration process. Some part of slurry flow to the lower impellers to have double mixture and form bubbles. The left slurry will flow to the next flotation cell and finally become tailings.

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