The Key Points of the Maintenance of Dryer

The dryer machine, due to the advantages of stable and simple operation, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced technology and compact structure, has won good reputation in the market. The good and regular maintenance will help the dryer machine to play its full role, having higher production efficiency. There are many ways about the daily maintenance of the dryer circulating on the network, but those are not very effective for some specific circumstances. The following is the maintenance essence of the dryer machine for reference.
1.The operator should periodically clear the cotton slag on the sensing temperature rod. When the difference in temperature between the temperature regulator and the thermometer is too large. It is generally about +5 degrees. The reasons for this phenomenon include that the temperature sensing rod is not placed in the right place and there is batt on the temperature sensing rod.
2.After the stopping of the dryer machine, the operator should adjust the knob of the temperature regulator to the 0 degree position to reduce the improper starting up and extend the service life of the solenoid valve.
3.It is necessary to clean up the carbon dust (black) on the gas stove weekly to prevent the inhalation of the dust into the drum, contaminating the clothing.
4.It is necessary to clean up once the exhaust pipe and elbow once per month. If it is not clean, the drying time will be longer and the excessive batt will cause obstruction, which will easily lead to a fire. There is a must to add the butter on the bearing block to ensure the bearing lubrication.
5.In the daily use, it is necessary to clean the cotton filter screen. If the filter screen is blocked, the air volume will be reduced, which will cause the phenomenon of low speed of drying and drying quit and results in waste of energy;
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