The Role of Mobile Crusher in Construction Waste Disposal

The mobile crusher is also known as the mobile crushing plant, which can be used for the stone crushing operations with liquidity. It can be seen as a simple stone production line and it is widely used in railway, highway construction, water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries. Mobile crushing plant in accordance with the type of raw materials to be processed and the requirements of the finished materials, is especially suitable for the processing of the construction wastes.
The reprocessing of the construction waste refers that the wastes are sent to the mobile crushing plant to be crushed after the concentralized recycling to get the broken stone blocks which can be used as a foundation reinforcement and road subcrust as well as small amount of the recycling steel and aggregates. If these coarse aggregates and gravels are sent to the stone production line for the reprocessing, the artificial sand that can be used for the construction will be produced. In this way, it can greatly reduce the discard of the construction waste and improve the resource utilization.
The mobile crushing plant is a kind of crushing equipment that is used for the processing of the construction waste, which greatly expands the concept field of the coarse crushing and fine crushing operations. Standing in the customer’s position, it regards the elimation of the obstacles of the crushing operation as the primary solution, providing the customers with cost-efficient hardware facilities, which can greatly expand the concept of crushing operations.
Mobile crusher (mobile crushing plant) is flexible and has strong mobility, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs. And it can conduct the site-crushing of materials, significantly reducing the material transportation costs.

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