Two Women, Two Weddings, One Heart

“100% money back guarantee? Well, that’s more than I can say about my first marriage,” Mariel said under her breath. She quickly scolded herself for being so cynical, and continued browsing through the stunning choices available on the jewellery website.

Mariel was struggling, both with planning her own wedding, and helping her daughter Alaina plan hers. Never in a million years would she have expected to be getting married, for the second time, at her age. Ever since the divorce from Alaina’s dad several years ago, her life had been anything but predictable. She went through all the “typical” stages of divorce: shock, grief, despair, anger and, finally, acceptance. Mariel realized that the past five years had not only been the most challenging of her life; they had also given her the best opportunity to rediscover herself and what she wanted.

Then she met Alex, and the world seemed to stop for just a moment. Introduced through mutual friends, their courtship was fun, fast and passionate, and they knew they had found something wholesale cheap necklaces truly special in each other. To mark their first month of dating, Alex had surprised Mariel with a lovely single pearl on the slenderest silver chain. It was exquisite, and she had worn it every day since. When she asked him where he purchased the necklace, she was surprised yet again when Alex told her that he purchased it at an online jewellery site.

Alex spent great deal of time working online managing his import/export business, so he was much more comfortable shopping and buying online than Mariel. To her, who only just now was getting comfortable using Facebook, buying online still seemed risky. She worried about the quality being up to par, or receiving the wrong items. She had also heard the usual horror stories from people who had placed an order, and never received their merchandise. Alex listened patiently to her fears, then calmly explained how he determines what sites will get his business.

First, he only buys from vendors who use a secure payment gateway and offer an iron-clad 100% money back guarantee. Secondly, he makes sure that the site gives good contact information, including emails and phone numbers, of their customer service department. Finally, he makes sure to read online reviews and customer testimonials to hear real-world experiences from actual customers.

Alex was a good businessman, and not one to take undue risks. He liked the greater choices and variety he had through online shopping, and was able to find many items that were not available elsewhere in Malaysia. Add to this the higher quality available, and he was hooked on online shopping.

It made sense to Mariel, but still she was unsure. Finally, at Alex’s urging, she purchased a high-end purse from an online store; she was absolutely delighted at the volume and wholesale jewelry variety of inexpensive branded goods she found, and her purse arrived as promised just a few days later. So she wasn’t surprised to find herself browsing this site today, hoping to find just the right piece of cheap jewelry for her daughter’s wedding. Alex was right, the quality and variety of choices were great! She had a feeling she’d be able to find the perfect gift of jewellery.

It was more than simply a wedding gift she was after; it was a peace offering too. She and her daughter had been bickering for what seemed like months, marring what should have been a lovely and exciting time for both of them. The trouble started back in late fall, when Alaina and her fiance announced their plans to be married. Mariel thought they were far too young, and already saddled with huge student loans from college. Neither one of them was firmly launched in their new careers, and they still looked (and sometimes acted) like silly college kids. She gave them her (unsolicited) opinion, which didn’t go over well.

In fact, it was weeks before Alaina would even answer the phone. When she finally did, her tone was icy.

“Mom, if you’re calling to tell me, again, what a bad idea this is, save your breath. We are getting married, like it or not. I hope you’ll be a part of it and support us, but if not, that’s your choice,” she said, measuring her words carefully and trying her best to keep the emotion out of her voice.

Mariel was taken aback by this new, strong daughter. She had always had a close and happy relationship with Alaina; they could share their dreams, their struggles and their hopes. Then everything changed when Mariel divorced. Since then, there was a gulf between them; they remained generally polite, but there were wounds on both sides that needed time to heal. True, she didn’t think the marriage was a good idea, but now that she knew Alaina’s fiance a bit better, she couldn’t tell whether it was their marriage, or bad memories of her own first marriage at such a young age, that troubled her.

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