Various crushers cooperate to get the mining work done

Various types of mining industry jobs exist to accommodate each step of the mining process. The first step in that process is the exploration process, in which geologists examine potential mine sites for valuable materials, safety, and other scientific considerations. These geologists must do a thorough investigation of a site and write up a report that either approves the site for use or denies it based on safety concerns, environmental impacts, or non-viability for retrieving materials from the ground. Once a site has been found, other mining industry jobs will be necessary to design the mine for safety and access.

These underground mining jobs are usually filled by those with a natural science or environmental engineering background; they also may require additional ongoing training so the engineer can stay current on the newest environmental regulations.

Mining engineers are responsible for the planning of the mining operation. They work in conjunction with drafters and technicians to develop the structure of the mine and determine the best design for easy extraction. Engineers in underground mining jobs may also be responsible for supervising the project and solving any problems that may arise with the structure. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering with an emphasis on coal miningor other specialty is typically required.

Environmental engineers may oversee mining projects to ensure that they meet federal and local regulations. They may also work as consultants during the design process to assist engineers in developing a mine that is environmentally safe according to government regulations.

The majority of workers in underground mining jobs are employed on the mining sites. Underground mining operations involve many different types of machine operators. Drilling-machine operators are typically responsible for drilling the holes that will be filled with explosives. Once the explosives have been detonated, the loading machine operators clean up the left over debris with a power shovel and load the remains onto a surface transport truck.

Mine designers must create a plan for extracting various materials from the ground while considering the lowest environmental impact as well has the most efficient economic feasibility. Geologists may be part of the mine design team as well; mining engineers will be the main components of such teams.

Heavy equipment is always necessary at mines, so trained professionals must be hired to take mining industry jobs aimed at maintaining and repairing such equipment. (such as spiral chute, screw separetion machine, mixer, etc.) Heavy equipment mechanics will troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and maintain various pieces of machinery, usually on the job site. This means being able to repair machines in a variety of conditions and on a strict time schedule. These mechanics are usually highly trained, and apprentices may work with journeyman mechanics to learn the skills right on the job site. Some machine operators can be trained to act as mechanics as well, thereby increasing their responsibilities within the mining industry.

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