Extend the backhoe stick using the set of foot pedals

Extend the backhoe stick using the set of foot pedals and levers applicable to the backhoe function. Lower the boom so that the backhoe bucket reaches to its farthest point on the ground from the rear of the tractor. Move the bucket to dig into the ground. Pull the backhoe stick towards you to excavate.

Lift the boom and turn the stick to move the backhoe to one side of the ditch. Pull up the bucket to tip the earth out. Continue to use all three elements of the backhoe to dig.

Reposition the backhoe for driving once you finish used excavator. Lift the stabilizer legs. Swivel the driver’s chair to face the loader bucket. Lift the bucket off the ground.

Drive around to the earth piles. Lower the loader and drive slowly forward scooping up the earth with the bucket. Raise the loader to keep the soil in the bucket.

Drive the tractor to where you want to offload the soil. Empty the loader by tipping the bucket forward. Repeat the wheel backhoe excavation and earth removal procedure until the project is complete.

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