General biometric fingerprint time clock mostly

Very rarely used; General biometric fingerprint time clock  mostly there are three kinds of communication mode, is RS232 and RS485, as well as several TCPIP, some company’s roll machine only the first two communication mode, also have the company’s roll machine three communication mode, such as full eton roll machine and the whole hui fingerprint attendance machine 3 kinds of communication mode has. Communication is to be achieved, 3 kinds of methods can. Secondly also know computer serial ports namely COM port, there are a lot of computer several serial port, general computer use COM1. Second, roll machine to connect the computer, to know more about the remote communication parameter Settings, cut, potter force, etc., at the same time to check on work attendance in the software hardware Settings there, and the roll machine hardware Settings remain consistent.

Users are suggested: employee time clock merchants have profit is very normal, no profit merchants there is no way to survive, let alone do after-sales service, so we buy roll machine, be sure to merchant’s comprehensive strength (professional) the assessment, and don’t entirely for the price level to decide to buy. Suggest merchants: we offer, be sure to be honest, maintain normal profit, don’t quote nominal price, to focus on understanding customers’ specific requirements, bargaining waste of everyone’s time. If the customer’s offer we cannot bear, can politely refused to customers, never hold “to sell, they sell, after service is not so to say” this attitude to force low shipment.

The user choose and buy the mistakes of the fingerprint time clock. Error: the higher the price, the more to use Some machine prices high, just because of increased some other function, these functions may we simply don’t use it. For example, some machines can support wan data transmission, the fingerprint machine, because the design cost is very high, nature price is also very high. If we only need to local area network transmission, the wan was not necessary. In fact it is good enough.

Record capacity: in the employee’s check on work time and attendance systems, each according to the fingerprint identify successful once, can be in fingerprint machine leave a record, a record down the staff press fingerprint of the specific time. For example: a fingerprint machine records article capacity of 50000. To assume a certain unit have 100 employees, attendance twice per person a day (commuter each), the unit produced every day number of article 200, a month according to the 30 day, 200 x 30 = 6000 bars, namely a fingerprint attendance machine can storage 8 months of data. Note: attendance record downloaded to a computer, and can be on record attendance machine empty, general each month will download attendance record, because each month will pay. Three, communication mode, and the computer data exchange the connection mode, exchange data including, download/upload personnel information, download/upload set parameters, download attendance record, etc…

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