Asus released $ 149 7-inch tablet MeMO Pad

Asustek (Asus) has just released a 7 inch tablet pc android 4.0, the key to success of this device at a price of only $ 149 (about 927 yuan). This tablet is about to be sold in many emerging markets “in the month, the time available for sale in the United States in April of this year. Tablet named MeMO Pad, if you knew nothing about the tablet, we might be seen as Asus downgrade version of the Nexus, because the configuration seems Nexus 7 even close.

With Nexus 7 inch tablet pc android 4.0 did in fact many differences, such as 7 inch tablet pc android 4.0 resolution of 1024×600, and do not adopt IPS panel material, so just a 140-degree viewing angle. The processor is equipped with the VIA WM8950, which is a single-core 1Ghz processor based on the ARM Cortex-A9, and only 7 hours battery life. Even Asus also very frankly, MeMO Pad is not to run points, nor is it designed for the Android high-end user or 3D gamers, but is committed to create a smooth experience at the most affordable prices. The other configuration is relatively not so disappointing, such as 1GB RAM memory, 8 ~ 16GB storage space, microSD card (expandable up to to 32GB), support for 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, 100-megapixel front camera can be 30 / sec recording 720p video, factory equipped with system Android 4.1 jelly beans. Device thickness of 0.44 inches (1.12cm), weight 370g, so in fact, compared to to Nexus 7 slightly heavier thicker a little bit.

The actual price of the tablet in the Amazon is $ 159 (about 989 yuan), and pre-installed applications include the Amazon Services. Of course, most of the vendors or you can buy the $ 149 price.

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