who gave wonderful massages

Now, I could handle everything else in this place, but when the weather was at its worst, the escort in tianjin room became one huge sauna and bordered on feral. I tried to get there early before it became too warm. Warm, as in 100 degrees F. The place lacked the niceties of Muzak and ambiance, but it was home to some wonderful girls.The Blind Student Massage School, appropriately named, was home to young girls who were clinically blind, but who gave wonderful massages. The girls were mainly from poor villages where their parents were unable to get help for them. They were brought to Bangkok by Good Samaritans and schooled in the art of Thai massage. Once trained, they were sent to Pattaya and other towns to live with their benefactors, working to earn their keep. The Thai couple who owned this establishment gave the girls a home to live in, in exchange for their massage tianjin  work and a small salary. They did very well on their tips and always thanked us profusely. We did wonder how they knew how much we tipped.
The routine went something like this: After check-in, you were given a towel and a pair of cotton PJs — designed to fit a ten-year-old — then escorted to individual vapor steam rooms the size of a small shower, with a bench seat for snoozing. After disrobing, you’d be saturated in wonderful mystical aromas of incense, eucalyptus steam and various other herbal delights. It took me five minutes of this heaven before I would doze off and dream I was Eve, lolling about the Garden in my birthday suit. When you’d yell “Uncle” they’d scoop you out of the shower, help you on with your PJs, and lead you to the massage room and the assigned mat on the floor. What joy! You were clean, warm, snugly, and then the fun began.
The girls would first try to identify you — a game they all played with giggles and excitement mdgsfty3q. They’d begin by running their sensitive little fingers over your face and downward. By the time they reached your legs they could identify you. Of course, with me, as soon as I uttered “Ow-Ow” I was caught  tianjin escort, and had to listen to a chorus of giggles wafting through the room. I still think it was unfair; when they couldn’t immediately identify me, they’d give a pinch to hear my Ow-Ow.



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