Xperia NXT Series Tablet PC Prototype Exposure

According to foreign media publications Sweden has recently released a narrative article about “Sony Mobile will be set up headquarters in Lund, Sweden replaced Tokyo, Japan,” Sony Ericsson “But the interesting content is not how to change The story of the body “Sony”, but a vaguely revealed that Sony’s new product information subsidiary illustrations. From the chart, the biggest bright spot than the right equipment, which obviously is a Android Tablet PC that we have never seen, and the flat top of the wording of the English logo small to see clearly, but based on the contour is not difficult to determine which is “Sony Ericsson”, and is a Sony Xperia NXT series of smartphones classic design SE tablet. Xperia S, Xperia P and Xperia U Sony Xperia NXT series of the first wave of products, its biggest feature is that the bottom of the transparent elements, when there are new calls, new information or new notification, the zona pellucida breathing lamp is lit, very exquisite beautiful. This computer never met such a design element, addition speculated aside Xperia U still “Sony Ericsson” logo, and the tablet is very likely a prototype. But sorry, being no evidence that this Xperia NXT Series New Tablet PC debut or not. Personally Xperia NXT series of design elements not suitable for Tablet PC, or say suitable for large-screen devices, Sony is greater than 4.3 inch smartphone abandoned this design, Maybe this is Sony has not announced the tablet reasons.

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