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From the exercise, continue jumping rope for 10 minutes, and 30 minutes of jogging or dancing for 20 minutes is not much difference between, less time-consuming, energy-consuming large aerobic exercise. Rope skipping can enhance the human cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system function. Research confirms, rope skipping can be prevented, such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity, hypertension, Buy Jordan 1S For Sale osteoporosis, muscle atrophy, high blood lipids, insomnia, depression, climacteric syndrome and other diseases, to breast-feeding and menopause women, skipping also both relaxed good positive role emotional Chinese weight training camp:, thus is also conducive to women’s mental health.

Skipping like any sport, step by step. Although skipping is a good fitness method, but if not pay attention to tension rope skipping warm-up before and after, is easily injured. Cheap Jordan Retro 2S Online You can reduce the impact force generated by the contact with the ground bounce when the foot and ankle injuries, avoid. Skipping should wear good quality, best sports shoes with shock or elastic design, of course, Beginners should use hard ropes, skilled soft rope can be changed later. The rope length should be two times of the individual waist height. Short or long string will make the rope skipping movements Buy Jordan Retro 3S Online are not coordinated. Choose the lawn, wooden floor soft hard moderate plain dirt and other venues are better, don’t skip in the cement on the ground, so as not to damage the joints. Need to relax the muscles and joints, they are rope skipping, toe and heel forced to be coordinated, to prevent sprains. You will be fat and middle-aged women should use both feet landing. At the same time, jump should not be too high, Buy Jordan Fire Red 5 2013 so as to avoid excessive weight-bearing joints due to injuries. They need to pick up nice retro Jordan shoes for their beautiful life.

Is that the body warm up, simply lift arm, kicked legs, curved waist, and then bouncing up and down a few. At began the following stretching exercise

People stand up straight, Buy Fire Red 5S For Sale we need to keep the sole touches the ground. Arms and try to pull back, adhere to the 8 — 12 seconds, then make a change of leg. You can let your life very beautiful and well. You don’t need to make a decide to pick up retro Jordan shoes for your beautiful life. People from all over the world, they will make a new decide to choose retro Jordan shoes for their beautiful life. In general, a full set of stretching exercise time is about 10 — 12 minutes, so when the action should be in place, we can bring the body joints, ligaments are open. But also want to match with the weather temperature, longer or shorter. 

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