Some Notes of Vibrating Screen’s Braking System

When the sieve stops, the main reason of resonance is that the rotational inertia prolongs a longer time. We can take the electrical braking measure to stop the motor as soon as possible, to avoid the larger amplitude due to resonance. So forced vibration reduction problem after resonance has been converted into motor braking to avoid resonance, which is the essential difference between electrical way and mechanical way.

After the comparison among the power brake, electrical brake and reverse brake, it was decided to take reverse braking method. Reverse braking is adding reverse power after the power outage of motor to change the direction of the rotating magnetic field of the motor stator, and then the rotor develops a reserve rotary braking torque to play the braking action. The method is simple to control, little investment, and easy to implement.

From the controlling process, after the park of vibrating screen, it will operate foe a short time because of inertia, and then let it move into reverse rotary condition immediately. Rotor will skip over the point of resonance quickly, and achieve the balance of torque. Cut off the electricity and stop the machine.

Obviously, in order to make sure the reverse brake achieves the desired effect, the most important thing is the start time of reverse braking and reverse braking time, which should depend on the actual situation of the vibrating screen to do the adjusting process. Particular attentions should be paid to avoid prematurely cut and too long reversing time. Otherwise, it is difficult to achieve a braking effect.

Reverse brake is a common and mature way in electric braking and controlling process. Put this method into the immediate braking of the biaxial linear shaker to avoid resonance is entirely feasible

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