Freed hostage awaits family Superbow Winners

An Irishman held hostage in Algeria is expected to be reunited with his family.Fatheroftwo Stephen McFaul, 36, from west Belfast, managed to flee from the al Qaidalinked kidnappers who stormed the BP gasfield complex at In Amenas.A spokesman for his family said the electrician supervisor had been flown into London’s Gatwick Airport on a specially chartered flight on Friday night.However, meetings Cheap Super Bowl Jerseys 2013 with UK Foreign Office officials and difficult weather conditions delayed the final leg of his journey.He is expected to arrive in Belfast later.Despite having explosives placed around his neck, Mr McFaul was able to escape when a vehicle he was in crashed after being attacked by the Algerian army, his brother Brian said.He had been held for two days but made contact with his wife Angela at about 3pm on Thursday to say he was safe and well.The oil worker’s eldest son Dylan, 13, said he could not wait to give him a big hug. I am very happy, I just cannot wait for him to come home, Dylan said.The family spokesman described Mr McFaul’s mood as bright and said he was nervously excited about returning home.An exact time for his arrival has not yet been confirmed.This paper is today launching a ‘We’re Backing Belfast’ campaign to urge everyone to come out and support the city in its time of need.The campaign aims to Cheap Chinese Jerseysencourage people to vote with their feet, to come out and get behind retailers, restaurants and bars.Already struggling with the recession and winter weather, many in the hospitality sector have been brought to their knees by weeks of flag protests.For seven weeks, normal daily life has been disrupted by ongoing protests and rioting that have turned away vital custom and forced traders to watch profits plummet.But we believe our city can bounce back. Today’s paper includes a series of deals and special offers to encourage people to come into the city this weekend.Our campaign has received wideranging support from across Northern Ireland and beyond from Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Peter Robinson, other senior politicians politicians, business groups and those in the entertainment industry.And their message is unequivocally the same please make a point of doing something to support the local New Super Bowl Jerseys economy, especially this weekend.Prime Minister David Cameron has thrown his weight behind the Belfast Telegraph campaign and has urged all of us to do the same.“Belfast is a great and dynamic city and I’m delighted to back the Belfast Telegraph’s campaign,” Mr Cameron said.“I chose Northern Ireland to hold the G8 conference in June because I want the world to see just what a fantastic place it is.“We need to work together to project the reality of a forwardlooking, modern Northern Ireland that is open for business, not one that is tied up in the kind of conflict that is associated with its past rather than its present.Also backing our consumer and economic initiative, First Minister Peter Robinson called on the community to support local businesses. “This campaign can not only send out a positive message, but hopefully encourage everyone in the community to stand behind our local businesses who serve us all,” he cheap jerseys from china said.Meanwhile, highprofile faces across every sector in Northern Ireland turned out to lend their voices to our drive to boost trade.John Moore, owner of the city centrebased retail outlet SS Moore Sports, said that this is a make or break time for Belfast.“We support the Belfast Telegraph’s campaign wholeheartedly and we must get people back into the city,” said Mr Moore.“Everyone knows that the situation is critical and that something needs to be done before it’s too late.Their united clarion call comes as weather reports suggest snow will make its first appearance in the province this weekend.Belfast Chamber of Commerce president Joe Jordan said: “Please, please don’t let the weather put you off. Come into the city.I’d do anything to go back to that day, he said.I wouldn’t fight, I wouldn’t sue them, I’d listen. I’d do a couple of things first.He said he would have called his family, mother, sponsors and the Lance Armstrong Foundation (Livestrong).I wish I could do that, but I can’t, he added.Armstrong insists he is willing to cooperate with the authorities in future.If there was a truth cheap nike nfl jerseys and reconciliation commission, if they had it and I was invited, I’d be the first man through the door, he said.Armstrong retired after his 2005 Tour win and believed his doping may never have been uncovered had he not made a comeback in 2009.But he was adamant he did not dope or perform blood transfusions in his comeback seasons 2009, when he finished third in the Tour, or 2010 despite evidence to the contrary in the USADA report.He said: It’s the only thing in that whole report that really upset me; the accusation and the alleged proof that I doped after my comeback is not true. The last time I crossed that line was 2005.Armstrong was sporting a BE129ZYH yellow Livestrong band on his right wrist. The bracelets were worn by many people during his era of dominance, but recently many have been defaced to read ‘Liestrong’.He said: I see the anger in people. And betrayal.

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