Grinding Machine will Contribute to Tailings Process

At present, urban construction and infrastructure construction on the building materials demand is gradually increasing, especially like cement, sand and so on building material, but also realize the basis of engineering construction progressing smoothly raw materials. As the market demand continues to expand, the future will need more high-tech building materials processing equipment, in order to produce more and more high quality building materials.

In the mining machinery field, fine grinding equipment is used for artificial sandstone manufacturing, cement manufacturing, mineral processing, etc. In recent years, China’s infrastructure construction is increasing continuously, which makes the cement and other building materials demand constantly increasing, so to cement manufacturing equipment demand is growing fast, which requires the cement equipment research and development manufacturing enterprises to continuously increase science and technology investment, great efforts should be made to improve equipment production efficiency, in order to produce high quality cement raw material, thus for our country’s infrastructure construction to make its own contribution.

According to some statistics, there are more than 150 kinds of independent mines, and among them the iron ore tailings take up over 1/3. It says that iron ore is used widely. Currently, the reuse for tailings has become the hot issue, such as how to make efficient reprocess for tailings, reuse of old tailings and choice of new tailings. If the problems on tailings can be dealt with perfectly, maintenance fee and cost can be reduced, and eventually it can push the development of China ore beneficiation process. To process iron ore tailings, grinding equipment plays an important role. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as magnetic drum separator, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

The equipment can process the tailings to the further, and then reprocess the available mineral materials; as for other solid waste which contains not many metal elements consists of gangue, quartz, feldspar and garnet. The disseminated extent for China iron ore resource is very fine, so it need the cooperation of crushing equipment and grinding equipment, which can be selected according to the recycle condition of iron ore tailings.

Raymond mill is popular in some clay processing plant, which features of small space and strong integration capability. The final grain size of clay powder is between 0.613mm-0.044mm. The Raymond mill adopts electromagnetic vibrating feeding machine, which ensures even and regular feeding. The electricity system of the Raymond mill is centrally controlled, so no people are needed in the operating room.

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