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A leading food expert has warned that the Government cannot be sure that there is no risk to public health from beefburgers contaminated with horse DNA.Dr Duncan Campbell, former president of the Association of Public Analysts, told the Guardian newspaper it was a reflex by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to say there was no safety aspect to scandals of this type.Dr Campbell said: All we know Don’t Hesitate To Buy Cheap Super Bowl 2013 Jerseys Wholesale Super Bowl XLVII Jerseys Cheap Chinese Jerseys At The Ultimate Place! is it is not a beefburger. What is it? We don’t know. Why was it picked up in Ireland and not the UK, and how long has it been going on? Until we know what the source is of the ‘horse’ or ‘something derived from horse’, we cannot be sure there is no food safety risk.Dr Campbell said there could also be a risk from medicines used for animals that were not sanctioned as safe for the human food chain, and questioned whether raw food materials could be coming from slaughterhouses that were not approved for processing meat for human consumption.Dr Campbell, the chief public Take Action To Buy Cheap Wholesale super Bowl XLVII Jerseys From China Sell At Amazing Prices! analyst for West Yorkshire, is a leading expert on meat quality and will be part of the official investigation into the horse meat scandal, the Guardian said.More than 10 million burgers have been taken off supermarket shelves across Ireland and the UK after horse meat was discovered in burgers sold by Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland. Aldi, Lidl and Iceland also withdrew burgers from sale after they were found to contain horse meat.Sainsbury’s, Asda and the Coop later withdrew some frozen products but stressed that the move was purely precautionary and they had not been found to be selling contaminated food.On Friday farming leaders called for immediate action by supermarkets to improve their sourcing and labelling of food. NFU president Peter Kendall said the integrity of UKproduced meat was being compromised by the use of cheaper imports which did not meet the same stringent monitoring systems.The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) stood by its position that there was no risk to public health from the presence of horse or pig DNA in beefburgers, the Guardian said, and any bacterial contamination would be killed by cooking.It also said it had said it had found no race of phenylbutazone, a horse medicine not allowed in the food chain.Prime Minister David Wholesale Chinese Jerseys Cameron has served notice that Britain could leave the European Union if its concerns about its membership are not resolved.Extracts from a speech that Mr Cameron was planning to make show that the Prime Minister intended to make clear that he wants the UK to play a committed and active part in the EU in future.But he was also planning to warn that, if changes are not made to address the three key challenges of eurozone crisis, economic competitiveness and dramatically declining public support, the danger is that Europe will fail and the British people will drift towards the exit.But the extracts released by Downing Street did not reveal whether the Prime Minister intended to commit himself to an in/out referendum on British membership of the EU following the renegotiation of its terms which he has already said he plans to undertake after the 2015 general election.The Prime Minister’s reference to possible exit Nfl Cheap China Jerseys from the EU is his starkest warning yet of the consequence of failure to reform Europe, and echoes Chancellor George Osborne’s comment to a German newspaper last week that in order that we can remain in the European Union, the EU must change.Mr Cameron’s longawaited speech in the Netherlands was dramatically postponed on Thursday night, after the Prime Minister decided he should stay in London to deal with the bloody fallout from the hostage crisis in Algeria.The postponement to a date yet to be fixed is the latest mishap to befall the his attempt, several months in the planning, to spell out his vision for the future of Europe. First trailed as early as September, the speech has already been so delayed that Mr Cameron joked he was taking a tantric approach to it.He prepared the ground for a public statement of his Europe policy by speaking to opposite numbers in Germany and Sweden in the Netherlands over Super Bowl Shirts the last few days, and discussed on Thursday night what he planned to say with French president Francois Hollande and US president Barack Obama.Segments of the speech showed that he was intending to tell Europe’s leaders that they have a duty to respond to the growing frustration of their people and BE129ZYH to accept change to the way the EU operates. More of the same would condemn EU nations to less competitiveness, less growth, fewer jobs, he argued.According to the speech extracts, Mr Cameron was planning to use the address to set out what he termed a positive vision for the future of the European Union. A future in which Britain wants, and should want, to play a committed and active part.

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