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How to see the bags with their lining not lining? and there are many factors, one of the most relevant to their own reasons, a total of ten tips, five tips today to share with you choose the bag place. waist is thick MM should choose the rectangle bag thin and slender; relatively flat, body slim MM chest should choose the thickness of the triangle bag, can get around a little plump. Large bags are popular, Cavs 4S For Salebut how to choose also depends on the height did not seem cumbersome. If more than 165 centimeters in height, should try to choose a total length of about 60 cm, but the dress into a magazine size bag;   The same color but hierarchy depth clear collocation, can create a generous and elegant style. and they are it is listed as a casual dress The girls wear jeans look good, but if it is below the ordinary sports shoes with double, feeling a bit my mom this generation of person’s feeling, very of old mannish; please wear sandals, class, how about winter wear?! For us, the days do not good to wear trousers, with canvas shoes?

Facial three-dimensional sense of strong, high cheekbones face can choose stripe clear, with neutral metal style personality styles and features; small, face and is suitable for the selection of a more brilliant decorated sweet type bag. When using Jordan 1S For Sale small shoulder strap bag can be slightly under fixed bag, avoid the bag body swing; we should be up in arms, elbows naturally by the waist 90 degrees; without a bag can be suppressed hand clasped in front, or along the arm’s length naturally support near the thigh position, the sisters avoid by all means is not with the bag under his arm! Bag and wearing color contrast, such as the black dress with red bag and shoes, is a bright personality before match; bag can be any color selected in the top floral dress or printing patterns, the overall feeling lively but not yet elegant style. If a man have a Buy Cheap Jordan 1 KO double star basketball shoe, so the girls in this life must have a pair of canvas shoes. Why the same pair of canvas shoes, wear in the boys such as feet don’t feel, while girls wear in the feet of the feeling is so delicious, it seems that no matter what the occasion is very appropriate, can give a person a kind of another impression. teach people to sigh, canvas shoes for girl students. Why to wear canvas shoes girls look nice and cute? I summarized as follows:

First, the girl is thin leg. In fact, this is very important, because basically canvas shoes exposure rate is the highest in summer, summer we always like to take a half pants or short pants, plus a pair of canvas shoes out, relatively simple. However, the boys relative calf coarse, wear Gao Bang canvas shoes like shoes, wear low, Buy Jordan KO 1S For Sale but because the boys always like to pull their socks are so high that they felt like old Beijing cloth shoes, lost the feeling; the girl, because the thin legs, add compared to men. Legs, wearing high-top is cute, wear low, and generally girls always like to wear short double ankle socks or barefoot, can let a person feel relaxing minimalism, plus non trousers, all of a sudden, energetic.

Second, girls instep is relatively low and narrow. To tell the truth I do not belittle canvas shoes are not fit for boys, the main is our feet long is too high, a series of each tight shoelace, feet feel like dumplings, lost canvas shoes give us a cool feeling, always feel the foot to explode, and foot, the upper support too open in addition, total love Jordan 3S For Sale moving, shoes are always followed by the grinding the end very ugly; but the girl, even if her feet again fat, but her feet after all small, support can not to go, and the girl foot relatively narrow so as not to too much damage shoes original shape,

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