Now I am discovering that several patients

Now I am discovering that several patients from Abercrombie Milano my pain management doctors office are having the same “false positive” for tramadol on their urine drug tests as well. Thats the only thing that it could have been since I only take Lortab. I don like or trust the urine tests since they leave so many things wide open to get read as false positives. I had a prescription for Tramadol but it just sucked that it looked like I was taking percocet or oxycontin on top of the pain meds my dr prescribes me. I need them after being hit by a drunk driver and would be very upset if I lost my sopt in pain management for something so silly. Tramadol is nothing.

im still awaiting results from the labs confirmation test on this substanse “tramadol” that has somehoe showed up in my urin sample. I have not taken tramadol, however I take other prescribed opoid pain medications prescribed by the same doctor who sent me for my urin screen. He states my medication will not show up as tramadol. I gave a list of all medications to my Hollister Espa?a doctor as well as everything I might have taken in my cabinet such as cold / flu/headache meds. etc. I will respond more when I find out what is going on. I hope this will help anyone else who encounters this problem of false positive drug screens for tramadol.

my mother has just had the same issue, has NEVER taken tramadol and it showed up at her pain management drug test. She only takes the meds she was prescribed. Flexeril(generic-cyclobenzapr), Percocet(generic-oxycodone), Maxzide(generic-triamt/hctz) are her current prescriptions. She has had 2 neck surgeries and needs her pain meds. She will live always with this pain. Getting removed Abercrombie outlet from pain management is unthinkable!! I am desperately trying to find out how this false/posisitive has occurred. I am writing this as of 8/6/20011. I will find out who is responsible for this error and your help is greatly needed

MY HUSBAND SEEMS TO HAVE 3 DIFFERENT PILLS INSIDE OUR DOGS PRESCRIPTION FOR TRAMADOL 50MG (PAIN MED) WHICH ONE WOULD BE THE TRAMADOL OR ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A WEBSITE TO IDENTIFY THE DANG THING. I recently had to take a drug test hollister milano for a new job. Will these drugs show up on the test? I should be okay because I have a prescription, right?

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