Real wood flooring has been in existence for over 800 years

Real wood flooring has been in existence for over 800 years with some real wood flooring dating back to the Middle Ages, some of this real wood flooring can even be found today in homes and buildings around the world. The most stylish balsa can meet your any need.Real wood flooring was seen as a sign of wealth with those with money painting them stained colours and laying them with delicate patterns giving them a unique feel. Real wood flooring become overwhelmed in the 1960’s and 1970’s when the Federal Housing Association allowed for new home construction making way for carpet lxllizky, but in the 80’s and 90’s we returned to real wood flooring as it was seen as sustainable and easily maintained.
Real wood flooring was easily obtained due to the vast amount of countryside surrounding each city in each country, therefore making it a perfect resource when building a home. Still today we see that many people build their homes from the natural resources that surround them, maybe not in the UK but certainly around the rest of the world in India and Thailand were they absorb the land as it is their main source of survival. Using the wood not only for the flooring but to build their whole home from roofs, walls, doors and even interior objects such as beds and shelves.At ,there are a large number of balsa wood products which customers can choose.

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