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So that men never understand a woman’s heart. Men like onions, want to see the hearts of men need a layer to peel, but in the process you will cry, you know the onion is not the heart of. But on the onion is a man’s heart, every time a woman through a layer of man heart once. Two, sometimes not understand, just don’t want to understand; sometimes not do not know, just don’t want to say; Jordan 1S Black Royal For Sale sometimes not don’t understand, but that did not know what to do, so he remained silent. Three, life need to remember ten points: people do not have words to do, leave some of the mouth; rich don’t enjoy, leave some grace; Feeling time precipitation, feeling disappeared with time. It is a different species,

We do not choose to back away, but clearly already facing the challenge. Try to adjust, and believe you will succeed. Whether you are the depths of despair, or illness, you incapable of action of the past, but at the time, your future is not so bleak, as long as you work hard, believe in yourself, in life are dense willow trees and bright flowers. Six, when people smile, mouth open more, the more he longevity. Jordan 1 Retro Blck Royal 2013 The study found, optimistic attitude can affect people’s life. Only those who feel happy from the bottom of my people have the opportunity to extend the life of. Seven, love, is a kind of responsibility, I do not touch the better, but because you already have, I don’t want to encounter a better. I am not tempted not to others, But because you already have, I don’t think it’s necessary to other people. I will not fall in love with someone else, but I know more cherish you, can be together is not easy,

Even if you are not the best, not even the most suitable for me, but I cherish the most. Eight, you can’t change the environment, but you can change yourself; you can’t change the fact, but you can change your attitude; you can’t change the past, but you can change now; You cannot control others, but you can master yourself; you cannot predict tomorrow, but you can grasp today; you can’t be everything smooth, but you can do your best; You can not extend the length of life, Motorboat Jones 9S For Sale but you can decide the width of life. Nine, there are three things must be controlled: emotion, mood and behavior; there are three things should be considered: life, death and eternity; There are three things that must be respected: perseverance, self-esteem and kindness. Twelve, a gentle woman become shrewish, must be a man does not live up to expectations, she had to head. A pure, pure woman become vulgar, must be a man grades are not high. In contrast, an ordinary woman, looks lovely, the eyes become light, behavior becomes grace, there must be a good man.

Sixteen, in the world of love, have no who sorry who, only who does not know how to cherish. People always cherish not, but have forgotten. The most urgent to go, is the most beautiful scenery; the deepest hurt, are always the most true feelings.Seventeen, if more thinking beforehand, afterwards there will be less regret; if the young Jordan 13 He Got Game For Sale more efforts, old will more happy; if life more confident, Career will be more successful; if the mind more creative, life will be more color; if the others more love, you will have more friends; If does more humor, friends will be more laughter; if the dedication to the cause of multiple points, you will be more great. Eighteen, lost the fate, is also not easy to meet even in the same city.

Nineteen, with a calm heart to embrace the world, to maintain physical and mental stability, can own situation clearly, to do, can’t do; How much heart, the world has in a big way. Twenty, when a relationship between friends and lovers — when you worry, you will think of him, I hope he can accompany in your side, Buy He Got Game 13S 2013 Give a solid Biwan let you rely on. Perhaps, life will not produce the “hold your hand, and grow old with you” love story, but because you will have such a friend, Love your life, cherish their own lives. This feeling can only take heart to feel, only heart storage twenty-one, Twenty-four, whether we’ve met or missed, there are always some people and things that we can not forget. That every passing our life, either side of the border, Or words of the edge, set some things in our impression. 

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