the jewelry that adorns the body has their own meaning

In Western culture,  wholesale fashion jewelry , such as toe rings and anklets wear as a fashion accessory. However, in some cultures, jewelry, decorative body sense. Is not just a piece of jewelry, material jewelry is also of great significance. There are even used in the treatment of diseases, depending on the material used in the sheet.

Perhaps the most recognized works, body jewelry is a ring on the finger. The ring finger on the left hand ring in many cultures, marks a marriage. In Indian culture, on the left big toe, toe rings, the woman married to a traditional way. Be preserved as a precious metal gold symbol of status and respect in this culture is made of metal, such as silver toe ring.

Nose piercing is considered to be back to biblical times. The gift of the talks to the wife of Isaac “Golden Earrings have a translation of the book of Genesis.  It can be a family show the amount of wealth, it can also be used as a financial security woman. The idea is not unlike other more modern European culture may sew gold coins, a person’s clothes, wealth in the hands of people, security.Also translated with the word “nose ring”. In some cultures, a nose ring, a woman, when she was already married. The size of the stone, such as diamonds, providing a dual purpose.

Earrings body jewelry, many young girls, their ear lobes pierced, even in their first word pronunciation is another popular form. Fast access to the mall can be completed puncture, can be easily cleaned and maintained. Have an almost unlimited supply, body jewelry earrings, to cater for every fashion taste.

The men wear toe rings, but it usually does not mean that their marital status. Sometimes as masculinity on the big toe when worn in performances from this type of body jewelry metal is considered to help cure diseases. However, in the United States, it is usually just an accent, and put it in the second or third toe.

Navel rings and piercings, no known ancient. However, body jewelry placed in the Navy has become a modern popular decoration, the most common women. Has long been recognized as the navel of sexy with that many women have already announced a  cheap fashion rings  makes them feel sexy and feminine. As the development of the women’s movement, the less people shocked and strongly protest when a woman showing off her belly. A modern bikini is no longer reason scandals. Like many other body jewelry belly ring is most likely to become a kind of fashion.

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