In the behind success, there will be Alfred Morris Youth Jersey the beginning of a bitter.

I’ve dreamed of becoming a ballet star. Put on beautiful princess skirt, wear pink ballet shoes, and then, standing in my dream stage, tiptoe gently lit the earth, slowly round and round…

Finally this wonderful opportunity to visit me, with my potential and enthusiasm, I allowed them to ballet level 3 performance class. My star journey from then on.

This is the first day I came to this great practice room. The door opened the acrobatics, a see: all around is a mirror, good the United States! Half open window, sunshine sprinkled in from the outside, golden, as if is my dream in the shine brilliantly. I changed my beloved dance shoes, enter the “dream” dance studio.

“Low back! Low back! How do you than others more than one section?” The teacher’s and a sound hoot cause me to understand: everything is starting from scratch, everything will have a beginning, but I start very bitter.

“Down, hold on!” In order to Alfred Morris Men’s Jersey let me pressure good legs, the teacher just sit on my lap, and put my leg down hard, he switch is my body, I face the front legs, I and tear of pain against the. I endure tears don’t cry, because I understand: everything must have a beginning. Do not experience wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow?

After I unremitting efforts, and finally, on a sunny morning, the teacher have the pleasure to tell me: “you can stand tiptoe.” I finally changed the powder powder toe shoes. Suddenly, the in the mind a excited, but this excited soon was lost alternative, a way of thorns, the shop is in the front of me.

My town marked took the rod, hold out a bosom, receive an abdomen, carry gas; I slowly arch the instep, set up tiptoe, that hurts! I understand that this Alfred Morris Women’s Jersey is only a start.

An hour passed, and I have been repeated this boring action; For two hours, I am still in practice. Finally, I could not bear it, “that hurts!” My name is out. At this time, I had already sweat, feel whole body pores are swelling, forehead sweat is kept to overflow, on the face already cannot tell which is which is sweat, tears, only feel that they are in the fall over each other to overflow. I know, my feet long very does not conform to the requirements of the ballet, but I will pay more than others to a times. Because I believe that the beginning of pain will get successful sweet!

After I unremitting efforts, finally I was “bole” found that become a ballet solo dance show the best candidate.

In order to practice dance, every day I will steal it. Every time after the practice, I can put the leg on the others put less than place, that stretches the feeling is difficult to feel others.

On the stage, the beauty of the colorful light gathering in me a person, I am happy to dance, I am a tiptoe dance kept the little princess. Finally a beautiful curtain call, won the audience the most warm applause. I, a success!

Behind success, always have a bitter beginning. As long as have a Art Monk Jersey kind of persistence, a kind of faith, never give up, that bitter began to also contain a kind of sweet… Amysunshine20130112

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