Pass through the water in my heart

I said, a book Alfred Morris Game Jersey is water, everlasting to flow from the wheel of history, the flow through the brilliant tomorrow, a better future…

Here I am, gently opened the book, the title page, slowly walked into the world of books. Then, the cool waters of wisdom slowly flow into my heart, give me to infinite knowledge, and spiritual support, emotional edification and character enlightenment. I bathed in the water, enjoying the book of every plant each plant flowers, every life course different characters, each or earth-shaking or plain water……

I’ve always thought the grand view garden is a flower LiuFanHua, a bed of roses, is aromatic beautiful amazing girl country, the book has proved me wrong. Water with broad sound tell me the truth, so I finally know the quiet and beautiful xiaoxiang that girl pain: QingDeng zhaobi no sleep, rain knocked window are not wet! JiaFu prosperous appearance, was swallow gold pain, jump well bitter, youth a pessimistic and despair! A book is water, her all the glittering and translucent water showed me the youth of laughter and tears, love and hatred.

When the eastern horizon give a red light, when green ripples jialing river, when beautiful rosy clouds emit all mangnai light, my heart can’t be calm, for this the dawning of the sky, to the acquired at the cost of blood dawn… The book in my heart bold and flowing water, my heart passionate, forget JiangJie died calm and firm, forget XuYunFeng endure pain with his nails dug to TiaoShi truth-seeking and perseverance, forget JiXiaoXuan dyed red with blood red rock… A book is water, her emptying the huge waves tell me today’s happy life don’t come easy.

The early morning wind thorn, spray the water hose, raise high the bullwhip, Alfred Morris Limited Jersey from fly overhead shots, what all can’t stop the pace of patriotic and! Brave demonstrators shouted out the whole Chinese nation’s voice! Their throat hoarse, they very hot heart but they don’t want to stop. They use life shouted: will all trample our country people away. A book is water, her deep ford qianshan mountain sound I set out to patriotic feeling great.

“The one thousand, the view about the sea and the cross flow, unfolds the grand plan, ask vast earth who decides; to think, sing the land is picturesque. Have a great ambition.” Chairman MAO’s poetry has become a kind of art. “Frosty morning day, water chestnut deep broken, trumpet swallow.” “Wood frosty day red brilliant, an invincible army Alfred Morris Elite Jersey anger QiChongXiaoHan”…… A book is water, her momentum blockbuster words showed me the generation of great wisdom.

A book is water, everlasting constantly flow, deducing the essence of history. I would never bathed the water, let her pass through my heart…

Comment on: select material Angle is unique and the beautiful language is the two big window. Topic composition on how to select material Angle ingenuity and does not have beside the point too, I’m afraid many students consider all the points. In this paper the author with “book is flowing water” as the theme, the book shows or “earth-shaking” or “plain water” abundant emotion world, and running water or “general” “light splash” or “surge” “empty” characteristics of skillfully together, in short a few minutes in the examination place, not only fully demonstrated his rich reading accumulation, also reflected his deep thought conception, high positive attitude towards life. It is worth reference for students.

Su shi said: “every word less hours must make weather eventful, color gorgeous…” . This article language is proved this point. Language rich rhythm length combination, follow one’s inclinations antithesis paradigmatic, random allusion poetry, and work together to build the article extraordinary weather, halftone article gorgeous color. This paper reflects the Alfred Morris Redskins Jersey language of the gorgeous, temperament of the atmosphere, would like to win the recognition is the key to a quandary. Amysunshine20130112

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