Holiday day, sunny, Redskins Robert Griffin III Jersey it is a good time to travel, we decided to go to visit a Taurus lake.

Listen to the father said: Taurus lake is located in nanjing liuhe northeast, east is near yangzhou, north to long, known as the nanjing “west lake” the laudatory name. As early as in before the National Day, parents a talk about her, full of praise, therefore, all the way my heart itch, very want to get LiaoKai her veil, see the looks.

We will drive to the lake, first go to the monkey mountain. Monkey mountain monkeys really much ah, they are in good spirits, appearing a share is clever, some monkeys climbed up the tree, the tree to a “down” and then do a “golden independent”; Some monkeys straight shouted to the tourists want to eat. Look at that female monkeys, when breeder throw to give it a banana, it to the eyepiece of potential caught, then chop to the skin, plug in the mouth to enjoy beautiful, at that time, mother monkey back little monkeys don’t dry, noisy also want to eat, monkey mother didn’t listen to it, the results of Redskins Alfred Morris Jersey small monkey mother jumped down from the back, on the ground crying, depend on the life and death do not get up, the monkey mother know little monkey in coquetry, casual the didn’t see, such a scene for visitors to laugh, I think of my childhood scene, can not help but also understanding smile – originally, the monkey is tong qu, and I was a little child, not so “make things”?

Then, we come to the square. Most of the ecology is the peacock’s site, also have the white swan, black swan. I most like the only up and down all over with long white and white feather peacock, it is like a white yarn princess, exceed lightsome pace back and forth around, I send it a popularly known as the “proud of the little princess”. To see so many beautiful small the “princess”, I think of the ancient Greek myths and legends the inside of the episode, Hera envy the Russian princess looks beautiful, put her into a small white cow, make long has one hundred eyes big monster, ear gose looked at the Russian, and finally, ear goss and didn’t see live the Russia, Hera to punish, ear goss, and one hundred of his big eyes Ann in the peacock, peacock, from then on, he had eyes like feathers. The story is very beautiful, the peacock is more beautiful!

We came to the lake, the lake at the distance of the day, let a person relaxed and happy. “Good beauty, it is ShenHu!” I sighed. Dad busy said, “is there more magical? You see distant mountains, like what?” I lifted up his eyes, and overlook, see the mountains ups and downs, some like birds, some like sheep, some… But “more like a cow!” I can’t help but blurt out! Dad smiled, “yeah, know why like cattle? There is a legend! To generation of the Ming dynasty founding emperor zhu yuanzhang when youth once in this is uncle” xu the cows’ pasture cattle, childhood zhu yuanzhang naughty bold, one day and other child cowherd go steal killed uncle a cow eat, then will bull in the mountains to the west of the city, and the tail Redskins Ryan Kerrigan Jersey in the mountains, go home at night DongTou zhu yuanzhang tell uncle said there is a cow on the mountain on cast does not come back, zhu yuanzhang uncle stood in the entrance of the village, so it is called a hill with cow acoustic response. From now on this mountain with Taurus name. Taurus mountain mountain not only like cattle, head, neck, nose, tail lifelike, cow nose place two kong quan water outflow years?” Originally, the lake and so beautiful legend!

I stood at the top of the steps, see the lake wave flat as a mirror, the green hills, mountains and rivers, mountains, and dancing with a picture, and suddenly the poetic inspiration, sings a song “at the lake” :

Taurus lake at

Lake level such as silver mirror,

Mountain green if jasper.

Landscape show charm,

Beautiful moving my heart.

I have just finished sing this poem, mom and dad and clapped their hands, full of praise “good poem! Good poem! That’s a little poet!” I can’t help but satisfiedly smile, feel the warm face.

Taurus lake, you let me get you the chastest looks; Personal feeling to you Redskins London Fletcher Jersey that a broad mind, More let me know: straight is a kind of beauty, be an upright person will concusses! Amysunshine20130112

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