Gangue Crusher Shows Technology Level of Mining Industry

High pollution and high energy consumption is our first impression on the cement industry. With our country’s increasingly value to the environment, in the next few years, the cement companies will not only be faced with the demand to reduce costs and improve the enterprise efficiency; but also will attach importance to the energy saving work. In recent years, through the integration and reform of the government to the cement industry, the energy consumption and material consumption of some cement companies has been greatly reduced, but compared with the international advanced level, the gap is still existing.

Comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, can not only ease the current situation of cultivated land shortage, and can make the gangue resources to solve the provisional shortage of resources. However, with the continuous increase of the national environmental enforcement, people make more requirements on environmental quality, and solving the environment pollution caused by gangue becomes more and more prominent.

At present, gangue is mainly used in the field of power generation, brick-making, cement, chemicals, fertilizer. For example, we can use of coal gangue, fly ash and other industrial wastes as raw material, when they are crushed by new specialized gangue crusher, they can be used as raw materials instead of clay to make coal gangue brick and new insulation green bricks as new wall materials; comparing with solid clay brick, it has outstanding insulation performance, conducive to conserve building materials and reduce the project cost, truly realize making brick without soil, bake bricks without coal and environmental protection. To a service-oriented brand integrity, as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like screw classifiers, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.sand dryer:

However, whether used for making brick, cement extenders or power plant, coal gangue are needed to be broken before renewably used. Aiming at it, Zhengzhou Hongxing, which is specilzed in producing jaw crusher, sand maker, ball mill,etc launches the best brick-making crusher–single-stage crusher, which can crush material particle size below 8mm with simple process, saving electricity by 40% or more compared with conventional three-level breaking; coupled with the declined costs brought by reduced relative investment, it greatly reduces the operating costs; so gangue recycling cost is very low. At the same time, the footprint of single-stage crusher crushing the gangue is small and using waste to treat waste, we solve the problem of staking coal gangue, truly realizing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

The gangue crusher level of quality is the enterprise core competitiveness of the embodiment of one to improve product quality is to ensure to Hongxing better market share, thereby continuing operations means that successful enterprises, without exception, the importance of products and services quality. Quality improvement is the important issue of today’s relationship between business survival and Red Star has been the quality of the Gangue crusher on a very important position, on the basis of quality assurance, there will be more powerful vitality, to promote the development of world economy and make due contributions.

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