Fineness of Ore Affects Working Efficiency


     How to improve the grinding fineness is one of the important parts of the entire ore separating line, because the cost of grinding operations is a much higher part. How to effectively and reasonably control the grinding fineness is an important factor to directly reduce the processing cost, and improve the economic benefits. Grinding fineness is one of the many factors that affect the indicators of ore beneficiation, and the size of the grinding ore directly affects the level of concentrate grade and recoveries. So, the technical operation of the milling work is extremely important.   
     We must firstly fully understand the related factors of grinding fineness. To sum up, the influential factors of the grinding fineness include ore hardness, crushing particle size, grizzly sieve, the amount of feeding ore, the number and specifications of steel balls, the size of steel balls, liner wear of ball mill, rotary speed of ball mill, sub-level machine speed, height of grading machine spindle lift, grader blades wear level classifier overflow weir grader next opening level, the size of the opening grader, the size of the opening on the grading machine , the size of the sand back at the water, the size of the ball mill feed water, ball mill at the discharge mouth flushing size, and so on.  Different ore has different degrees of hardness, and this factor is relative fixed to the same ore, and cannot be adjusted. But in production, under the premise of the technical requirements of the ore beneficiation process, ore can be matched reasonably to make sure that the size of ore is even as much as possible, and matching the particles with powder is much reasonable and stable. Besides, in the feeding port, the belt will be worn because of long-time friction, so ore could be leaked here, and mostly, the leaking ore are in the state of power. Those leaking ore must be put back into the ball mill timely as soon as possible, because long-time stack and integrated feeding may lead to uneven feed of ore, as a result, the operation won’t be so smooth. Especially for the ore beneficiation, this could make it harder to distribute ore, because the nature of powder ore and particle ore are different. 

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