Louis Vuitton currently has an awesomely weird Yayoi Kusama

Louis Vuitton currently has an awesomely weird Yayoi Kusama “Tentacles and Tongues” display its stores, so Heather and I made an “Occupy Deluxe Tentacles” mask, then set off on a cheeky jape. The folks at the mall were good sports and ナイキの靴didn’t get in the way of the silliness.The duo promised their designs will be hitting the market on January 1, 2013, so keep an eye out at Louis Vuitton stores around the globe. We will be doing the same and will let you know the details as soon as they drop.

After just launching last week their collaboration scarf with RETNA at their Design District Miami store, where the artist also painted the entire exterior wall, we come across a first preview of their next collaboration ビトン财布today.Louis Vuitton Outlet brand to the present, are traveling spokesperson. The process and confidentiality of the many celebrities celebrity classic custom LV trunk, the family too numerous indeed qualified book review. Whether the royal family and nobles or fashion celebrities are often able to see its carrying LV travel bag travel. LV bag definitely make all the girls crazy brand, which represents luxury and dream the brand are always among the best pass of the high society. Each pursuit of world-famous brand fashion friends clear understanding of which has a centuries-old Louis Vuitton Outlet. Yes,louis vuittonハンドバッグher appearance, as our tour more of the fabulous and legendary, have to say that the beauty of the LV, not just the performance in that classic, more colorful life in color.

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