The efficient maintenance of hydraulic system

There are many precision couplings in the hydraulic system of cone crusher some with damping hole, some with crack. If solid impurities invade the crushing cavity, the precision couplings will be strained, and the oil pipes will be blocked, thus endangering the reliable operation of hydraulic system. Generally, solid impurities will invade the hydraulic system if the oil is not clean enough or if the instrument is dirty or the maintenance is bad. The desquamation of hydraulic components can also cause the invasion.

Clean hydraulic oil is the life of hydraulic system, which is as important as the heart to a person. When filling oil, operators should filter it in advance. The instrument must be reliable and clean. The filter cannot be eliminated for improving the filling speed. Oerators should use clean gloves and labor suit in case solid impurities or fibre impurities fall to the oil.

It should be noticed that: the cleaning oil should be matched with the hydraulic system with temperature between 45-80℃. Large amount of oil can take away part of impurities in the system. The hydraulic system should be cleaned more than three times. After cleaning, the oil needs to be released from the system while the temperature is high. Then the filter needs to be cleaned, after which the oil can be refilled.

All the hydraulic components and pipes need careful cleaning and they need to be assembled after being dried with high-pressure blast. Authentic filter should be chosen for the components. When changing oil, it would be better to clean the filter at the same time. Before installing filter, professional cleaning material should be used to clean the impurities at the bottom. It should be noticed that: the cleaning oil should be matched with the hydraulic system with temperature between 45-80℃.

When implementing maintenance to the hydraulic system, people need to disassemble the lid, the filter cover, the inspection hole and the hydraulic pipes. The oil pipes should avoid being exposed to dust. In addition, the dismantled parts must be cleaned before being opened. When it comes to the cleaning cloth and iron hammer, much detailed information needs to be kept in mind. The cloth should be of non-fiber material and the hammer should be equipped with rubber to avoid abrasion.

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