Why high pressure mill is well received by customers

Wine is also afraid of deep alley, after the research and development of this new machine , the company immediately vigorously developing the training and promotion, and the sales promote the new machine actively, by all of those efforts, this machine is well-known by the public, in just one month, we have already signed three sets of this kind of machine, the good news come one by one, so our sales and research people are encouraged by news, what is more important, those good news lay a good foundation for the selling and promotion of hyper pressure v type grinder.

Enterprise research and development capacity is an inexhaustible source of product innovation. In 2012, our company combined with the market demand and trend of technology development, inventing a new high performance grinding equipment-hyper pressure v type grinder,shining to market and people. Combing with the requirement of buyer and mode of occupation, we produce the hyper pressure v type grinder, an energy saving machine which meticulous research by our engineers. Comparing to the traditional grinding roller suspension, it has more advantages, hyper pressure v type Raymond mill adopt the ‘v’ structure, the grinding roll and the grinding ring keep parallel movement when the machine operation, as a result, this machine can improve the production largely.

The sales staff promote this machine actively, and this machine favored by customers. Three sets of this machine were booked by customers, besides, many buyers are going to buy this kind of machine. The research and promotion of new product presents our company a new situation. There are four reasons why this machine can be accepted by all buyers.

Firstly, new technology, the plum flower frame and v type roll grinding device, those two new technology can maker the centrifugal fore into grinding force, by using this new technology,we can improve the production 40 percents. Secondly ,grade machine, it has two types, its grade machine adopt leaf discs(80-325mesh) and mouse cage(200-1250mesh).

Thirdly ,air conveying ans finished product collection system, updated for the negative pressure, the level 2 dust collector can collect dust efficiently, which can maker the collecting of finished product completely.

Fourthly ,structure reasonable and advanced, little vibration, low noise, smooth operation, reliable performance. The research and promotion of new technology combine with the requirement of market, complied with the direction of industry development, promote the technology of company and the development of business, enhance the competitiveness of famous brand.

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