The Layout of Flotation Machine

     Hongxing flotation machine adopts the surrounding overflow ways and tapered pushing bubble to accelerate the flow of foam. Peripheral overflow system uses the natural flow direction of the pulp, and accelerate the overflow of the foam to improve the flotation rate; Slurry flows in the process of upward mobility, when encountering tapered pushing bubble, it will change the flow direction,  up rheology becomes horizontal flow, so that accelerate the bubble horizontal flow, shorten the bubble residence time, and the tapered pushing bubble will reduce the bubble surface area and the foam tank, and a corresponding increase in the thickness of the foam layer, which is conducive to the foam secondary enrichment. Improve the grade of the foam.
1. The working principle of the flotation cell
     The slurry stream in flotation vessel and the direction of the bubble flow is opposite, i.e., slurry flows , good pulp is discharged from the bottom of the groove, the foam flows upward, concentrate in the collecting bubble, then are discharged from groove. The flotation time of each flotation only needs 1min.Due to shorter mixing and collision of the ink particles and air bubbles and foam separation time (residence time), it requires multiple flotation for multistage flotation, the flotation time for the entire period of five grade flotation is approximately 9min. 
2. The advantages of flotation
     Ladder diffused bubble generator is designed from the upper part of the tank entering the slurry tank, and the good pulp from the bottom of the tank pump foam overflows from the side to the next flotation chamber,the foam in each room does not interfere with each other, focused together and then go flotation interoperability within the tank, so that the liquid level is controlled simply, reliable operation of the water level, the production capacity range is also large.The flow direction of slurry flow bubble is clear, the range of separating ink particle size is large, and high efficiency. Most important of all, the company designed the flotation cell with much lower price than abroad.

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