The Performance Advantages of Spiral Classifier

      The classifier.html">classifier is composed of transmission, spirochetes, tank, lifting mechanism, the lower bearing (bearing) and the row of ore valves. The machine base is made of channel, and steel body is composed of welded steel plate. The shaft head of spiral shaft adopts pig iron sets characterized by wear-resistant and durable, which is widely applied to the concentrator in closed circuits with ball mills process shunt mineral sands, or gravity concentrator for grading ore and fine mud and metal beneficiation process, and job of washing off the mud, dehydration and other operations. 

The spiral classifier has many performance advantages, we will explain the structural features and performance advantages of spiral classifier in details: 
The upgradigng part of spiral classifier consists of four parts, the rotor portion of the housing portion and the dynamic part.
1. The upgrading part is composed of motor, speed reducer, bevel gear, two pairs of couplings and the wire mother. The upgrading screw and lower part of the connection is the working part to upgrade the screw. Enhance the screw tail and then enhance the axis box, One end of the spiral classifier rotor axis is on the rubber mat compartment shaft.
2. The rotor part consists of a central axis, dovetail iron and helical blades. The central axis of the two ends are the semimajor and semiminor. Semimajor is fixed on long bearing by round nut, the axis of the shaft body is welded with a number of flanges (hoop). The top of the flange is welded with angle iron dovetail iron, large spiral blade and spiral blade bolts fastening the wear-resistant blades according to the drawings. Spiral blades are two-lane situation, and according to the technical requirements of the pitch.   
3. The box part consists of supporting part of the gantry, a tank shell and channel steel. Relying on the inner side of the gantry after blocking plate. The guide rail can enhance the axis box that can not upgrade to swing back and forth. 

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