Analysis of Factors Influencing Vibrating Screen’s Work

Circular vibrating screen is named for its trajectory into a circle and using the complex rotation vibration, which the excitation oscillator generated to work, it is new kind of screening equipment. And the strength of its amplitude can be adjustable, materials screening line is long, multi-layer screening, all specification screening is clear, screening efficiency is high, so it is suitable for mining, coal and mineral processing industries. But its efficiency is often influenced by the following factors:

First, material nature:

Material particle size of the circular vibrating screen is less than 3/4 of the particles is easy to pass the sieve, called easy sieve particles; the particle size is larger than 3/4 of particle, due to its difficulty through the sieve, so it is called hard sieve particles; material particle size is 1-1.5 times of sieve size the particle is known as the resistive tablets. Therefore, screening containing a large number of fine level’s finer material, you can increase auxiliary sieving method, using auxiliary sieve with a larger size mesh, pre-discharging coarse level of the product on the sieve.

A certain percentage of the relationship between the maximum allowable size of material particles and the size of mesh is not clearly defined, while the surface water contained in the materials increased to some extent, the diarrheogenic properties also increased, the surface moisture of the material enables fine grain mutually cohere into a group, and attached to the large particles will block sieve. These reasons make the screening process more difficult, and will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.

If the material contains agglomerate viscous substances (such as clay, etc.), even when the water is little, it will bond into a group, so that the fine mud mixed on the product of sieve, at the same time quickly clogged sieve. In this case, you should consider pre-wash mine. If the shape of the material particles is circular, it is relatively easy to go through the square and round hole. Electromagnetic vibrating screen’s crushing product mostly is polygonal, strip, plate, sheet material, which are difficult to go through the square hole and round hole, but easily go through the rectangular hole.

Second, the operating factor:

In order to maintain the high screening efficiency, feed should be uniform and continuous, vibrating screening machine feeding amount should be moderate.

Third, the operating parameters:

1, drying surface type: the working surface of the sieve usually is steel bar, wire, punched plate, rubber, polyurethane, etc. Their effective area effects screening efficiency. In addition, a variety of materials, its degree of wear resistance is also different.

2, mesh shape: square or rectangular sieve’s application is popular.

3, sieve size: contact the crusher’s work and requirement to select.

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