Some Notes Paid Attention to during the Grinding

Grinding effect is good or bad, directly affects the sort effect.
The main determinants of the grinding technical efficiency are the nature of the ore, equipment factors, operational factors, now I will briefly introduce them:
1, the nature of the ore
Ore composition and physical properties played an important role in the grinding technical efficiency. For example, when the granularity of the useful minerals in the ore is coarse, and its structure is loose, crisp and soft, it is easy to grind. When the granularity of useful minerals becomes thin, its structure is dense and its hardness is big, it is hard to grind. Generally, coarse fraction in coarse grinding is easier, generating qualified granularity is faster, but fine grinding is more difficult. Therefore, the coarse grinding technical efficiency is higher than fine grinding technical efficiency.

2, equipment factors
Equipment factors have certain effect on the grinding technology efficiency. For example, the speed of the overflow type ball mill exhausting ore is slower, large density of ore grain is not easy to discharge but easy to produce a crushing phenomenon. In addition, the classifier, composed the closed circuit with grinding mechanism, when the classifier’s efficiency is low, it is easy to excessively crush, so it can reduce grinding technical efficiency.
3, operational factors
Operation factors have an effect on grinding technical efficiency. For example, in closed-circuit grinding, sand return ratio is too large, and exceeds the grinding machine normal through ability, and then in the second-stage grinding can appear “run coarse” phenomenon. If sand return ratio is too small, it is easy to cause a crushing phenomenon. If the load is insufficient, it will cause a serious crushing. Therefore, grinding sand for ore should be uniform and stable.

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