Mobile Crusher can Efficiently Save the Energy

Henan Hongxing Technology Co.,LTD, as the advanced mining machinery manufacturing enterprises in Henan Province, will contribute our share towards the creating of clean and civilized city for Zhengzhou city. In order to solve the construction waste problem, the company invests heavy capital in the research and development of waste disposal equipment. In 2009, the mobile crushing station also named as building waste treatment equipment was published, which quickly entered to the market and selled well in both domestic and overseas, subject to the broad masses of customers.

There are two types of construction waste disposal equipments: tires mobile crushing station and track-type mobile crushing station. They can move without the influence of environment and sites, with Strong suitability and flexible configuration, reliable performance and easily repair. Henan Hongxing mobile crushing station has been successfully applied to the treatment of construction waste in many big cities. It has made big efforts to create harmony and beautiful environment and home.

According to the related statistics, the number of construction waste has accounted for 30%-40% of the total urban waste in China. By the standard of 500-600 tons per million square meters, our country will add about 30 billion square meters of construction waste by 2020, which is a shocking figure. Related reporter learned from the Zhengzhou government that there will be no place to put the construction waste with the urban development and framework widening. The traditional treatment will consume a large amount land, garbage-collected fright. At the same time the dust and gray in the removed and stacked process has also caused serious environmental pollution. Therefore, the relevant person says, the city has been built a construction waste disposal site in the southern suburbs in order to gradually resolve the construction waste by unified collection and disposal. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as Ore beneficiation, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

With the development of mobile crushing plant as a new type of construction waste disposal facilities are increasingly favored. Mobile crushing plant equipment, mainly to solve the crushing operation in space restrictions, the construction waste disposal. After Vico combination of heavy equipment, mobile crushing station construction waste after sorting through the specific equipment to remove iron material which contains iron, by rough broken, broken, crushed or crushing equipment, handling, processing into a certain size of recycled sand and gravel aggregate, and finally applied to the roadbed stone, unburned brick, cement, admixtures and other aspects.

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