behind his Kicks Sneakers back

The Xiaoshao Long hands were handcuffed behind his Kicks Sneakers back, Lee mountains where he will simply not see the eyes.
“Scared I Xiaoshao Long also never afraid of anyone.” Xian Shaolong Adidas Porsche Design eyes, without the slightest think much of Lee Hill look.
“Then let you taste the taste of my fist.” Li Dashan wielded fist, punch facing Xiao Shaolong face is.
He Yiquan results unexpectedly called empty, Li Dashan Adidas titan bounce slightly stunned, I saw a shoe, split over quickly, the generally quick kick like a meteor, Li mountains there is no reaction time band, the whole person lying on the ground up.
The Xiao Shaolong not know when it has stood up, and this Adidas jeremy scott wings time he’s a Bigfoot stepped on in the face of Lee mountains, it is so good “grass your mother, you actually tortured Do not think that I hand handcuffed bully, and I want to play, you also tender.
Li Dashan Xiaoshao Long step on the floor, despite how hard is the jeremy scott bones climb up, as if one foot stiffened.
I rely on. This guy was handcuffed is still so powerful, the Shaolin Temple to fail?

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