about to adidas porsche design shoes start the car

“Jiuye really clever.”
Xian Shaolong and Wang Youwei out of the Public adidasporscheshoe.com Security Bureau, a police car stopped at the door, Wang Youwei Lakaichemen, “I do not I give you a ride?”
“Do not you go? I still do!” Xiphosura Long waved kindness rejected Wang Youwei, Wang Youwei not force, since the two got into the car, and was about to adidas porsche design shoes start the car, all of a sudden his head, “I said, you have to really find a job, it is better to our Board of several police Well, so you hitting Riot also convenient feel how my proposal?”
Xiphosura Long stretched out a finger to Baile Bai. “Your Public Adidas titan bounce shoes Security Bureau and the beautiful police can be bubble, so I’m here to do the police, not the door.” He had finished talking when people have gone so far away.
“Anyway, you can always come to me is always welcome.” Wang Youwei Lengle Leng, will be js wings shoes directed at the back of Xiaoshao Long said this to start the car, and sped away in the opposite

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