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High Miho moist mouth sip a sip, then shook his adidastitanshoes.com head, smiled and said: “Sorry, your request does not meet the requirements of the company, I cannot promise to advance you the cost of living.”
“Uh …” Xiphosura Long time dumbfounded high Adidas Porsche Bounce Shoes total failure as.
See that Xiaoshao Long silly not stunned board look high Miho Puchi smile, smile, at once so Xiaoshao Long a see flourishing like the illusion of the United States! Especially laugh when chest undulating scenario, it is quite spectacular, it is Adidas bounce s2 imagined infinite.
“While I cannot promise to advance your cost of living.” High Miho open the drawer, take out a thousand bucks, handed Xiaoshao Long, “but I can lend you, and so your wages back to me again, so if you do not violation of the provisions of the company, but our private transactions. ”
Xian Shaolong see that bright red hundred dollar bills, and this Adidas F2012 Hypermotion they recovered from the high Miho stunning face, hands wiped his clothes, and then his hands to meet her and take over the notes, some emotion, said: “The high total very kind of you … “I could not wait favors.

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