Crushing Equipment Promotes the Steel Industry

The emerging industrial system bases on high-tech, high value-added, low power consumption, low pollution and innovative organic industry group, supported by efficiently working auxiliary systems, such as technology, human resources, capital, information, etc., relies on industrial development environment of beautiful environment, complete infrastructure, strong social security and good market order, it is characterized by innovation, openness, integration, clustering and sustainability. With the vigorous implementation of the ’12th Five-Year Plan” and the acceleration of urbanization and infrastructure construction, China’s economic development structure begin to transform, and put building a modern industrial system as a strategic priority. As the leader of the mining machinery industry, Henan Hongxing focuses on independent innovation, strengthens the integration of quality management system and advanced technology, shapes superior quality and brand and promotes changes in the structure of mining machinery so that boost the development of the steel industry.

However, the national economy enters a stage of adjustment and rational regression, so some of the economical incentive policy gradually withdraw. All of this leads to the intensive contradiction between demand in the market of mining machinery and the expected goal of the enterprises, thus bringing fierce competition in mining machinery industry. What’s more, in recent years, the output of companies increased too fast, and the upgraded sales methods overdraw the market demand. Improper operation often occurs and all of these actions disturbed the order of market. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as China mobile crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.mining spirals:

Then how to make the mining machinery industry keep a normal increasing speed and move back to the steady developing status? First, companies should avoid the old road of homogeneous competition, making mining machinery industry develop healthily and orderly. Then, companies need to introduce advanced technology, quicken the scale expansion and talent cultivation, and narrow the gap between domestic market and the developed countries. More importantly, enterprises should treat reform and readjustment as the focus, building famous brand, making mode transition and connecting the industry chains, so that companies can promote core value of the competitive system.

However, we should also see the cost of labor to bring the price of China’s comparative advantage is the low-end products with a strong engineering machinery an important factor in competitiveness, with the deepening of economic development mode shift, this will be difficult to sustain a competitive advantage; also for this reason, high-end products and accelerate the integration of the engineering machinery industry will be the future development of the two main line, which is the construction machinery enterprises in the competition, new opportunities to achieve leapfrog development.

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